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Bausch and Lomb Ray Ban Vintage Sunglasses

This vintage ad for Ray Ban emphasizes the beginning of sunglasses becoming a high-end  fashion statement.  Ray Ban was produced for The United States Army Corps by Bausch and Lomb with high quality glass lenses. Ray Ban has distinguished themselves as a consistent brand in the sunglass market. Their trademark Ray Ban  logo has never changed,  however other things have.

Sadly to say Bausch and Lomb sold the division of Ray Ban in 1999 to Luxottica a huge conglomerate whose objective in my opinion is to own the eyewear industry .  Strategically purchasing as many retail  optical outlets as well as lens manufacturers making the playing field difficult for many smaller retailers to compete.

Kacamatahitam.com has several styles by the vintage sunglasses  manufacturer Bausch and Lomb quite similar to the ones you see in this vintage ads for Ray Ban above!

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