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Aviator sunglasses for women by Ray ban

If you wear women's aviator sunglasses, you may be quite interested in finding out what the origin of those cool huge lenses and signature frameworks is. Or, you may simply be quite interested in how women's aviator sunglasses have suddenly risen to such popularity in recent years. In this article, I will tell you how women's aviator sunglasses all began and how they have reached such heights today. After reading this article, you may even decide to go out there and get your very own pair of women's aviator sunglasses, or get another pair for your already growing collection. All is about Ray ban Aviator for women=)

The women's aviator sunglasses that every woman knows and loves today were actually created all the way back in the year 1936, by none other than the now famous brand Ray Ban. The reason why they have are so well-known today by the name of aviator sunglasses is because they were first created specifically for pilots only back in the year 1936. Pilots were in desperate need of a good pair of sunglasses that would protect them from the glare of the sun, and Ray Ban came up with a flawless design that greatly satisfied every pilot's need and requirement when it came to sunglass.

The actual design of aviator sunglasses that Ray Ban eventually came up with was originally modeled from those goggles that you have seen in pictures by the military of the United States of America at the time. Since the debut of this stunning aviator sunglasses design, aviator sunglasses have retained this design and it has hardly been changed at all; they are also still the standard issue for eyewear for military pilots world-wide to this day.

What may be of even more interest to you is how aviation sunglasses have literally made its way to popularity in the general public, when they were actually only designed for pilots back in its days of origin.

A year after the creation of aviator sunglasses, it was decided to sell them to the public under the Ray Ban name; this was in 1937. Since then, throughout the years, a wide variety of different companies started to try to make their very own version of these pilots shade, both branded and unbranded. This is where women's aviator sunglasses have truly started to rise.

A lot of different technologies have also seemed to come into fashion, some of which have come and gone and some of which have stayed and remain to stay. For example, if you have seen mirrored aviator sunglasses (you must have: they were extremely popular when the movie “Top Gun” came out!), then you know that that kind of aviator sunglasses came with a technology that was all their own.

A wide variety of different lenses are also used once in a while, but glass remains to be the most popular one used. The biggest change that has occurred, in women's aviator sunglasses in particular, are the wide variety of colors that have come out. Women's aviator sunglasses can now come in shades of pink, blue, or purple, and practically any color you can think of.

A wide array of famous female celebrities have also started to make women's aviator sunglasses and other Ray Ban women’s sunglasses their fashion staple and their reputation just seems to keep growing as of late. A lot of the biggest female celebrities can be found sporting women's aviator sunglasses everywhere. This is good opportunity for women out there especially women who like Ray ban Aviator so much to grab this aviator one for them. Today, Ray ban is very popular in Malaysia not only for men, but also for women.

All of the points mentioned earlier have contributed to the now extremely huge success of women's aviator sunglasses. And it looks like they are only going to keep rising in popularity in the near and distant future.

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