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Ray ban VS Oakley

Author : Abang Chik
date : 17 April 2011

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Hello to all sunglasses die hard fans.

Here i just wanna discuss from my experience wearing both sunglasses brand that is Ray ban and Oakley. Firstly i guess all of you been hear both of those brand. For this entry just wanna make simple easy guide for those who are in doubt weather to buy Ray ban sunglass or Oakley Sunglass. For the other brands i think no need to be discuss here since not very popular if compared with this 2 brand.

Ok this answer i got from Yahoo Answer. (answer is given due to personal opinion). Read out first.

Oakleys are okay. I think they are mostly used in sports, and i know they make great sports sunglasses. Raybans are great. They are made well, and are pretty cool looking.As far as how long they will last they should last a really long time. My mom has a pair of raybans that she's had since the 80's. Really I think they will both last the same amount of time, depending on how well you take care of them.This summer I bought a pair of D&G sunglasses. They are really good in my opininion. I think they are just as well made as Rayban or Oakley sunglasses. Gucci, from what I know about there other products, they would probably be well made as well.I suggest that you get a pair of Ray ban sunglasses.

It's about individual models more than brands. Both Oakley and Ray-Ban make a range of things, some of which are sturdier, etc., than others. Polarized lenses help negate reflected glare. In sunglasses they're generally angled to neutralize horizontal glare off things like water, sand, snow, roads/cars, grass, etc. Without polarization, sunglasses simply dim the overall light level, but you're still susceptible to "blinding" bright spots from reflected light.

From above opinion, we can conclude a very important point that is "How much we care of them"
Back to history, Ray ban and Oakley were 'Born' in USA. But in 1992, Luxottica( Italian giant sunglass company) was bought Ray ban Brand, thus today Ray ban is not longer US brand but Italy brand. Oakley still belongs to US but have a news says Luxottica in dealing to buy Oakley brand. [just click the link given to know Ray ban History and Oakley History]

In term of designs, Ray ban sunglasses is more to contemporary, classic modern style while mostly Oakley is more towards modern style, but some design such as Oakley Frogskin is classic style. Oakley frogskin and Ray ban Wayfarer if we see phisically both have same design (rectangular shape) but the material to buid may be very. For Ray ban Wayfarer it using acetate material and for Oakley Frogskin using lens like 'Rainbow'. [here about Ray ban Wayfarer]

In term of popularity, in Malaysia Ray ban brand is much more popular, but in USA, Oakley brand maybe much more popular compared to Ray ban. In Malaysia we can see mostly all optical shops like England Optical, Optic88 ect selling more Ray ban sunglasses compare to Oakley.

In term of fuction, we cannot say Oakley is the best, or Ray ban better than Oakley. That idea is wrong. The main function using sunglass to protect eye from harmful UV. Thus, the function of sunglasses 90% depends on its lens while 10% goes to frame, Bridge, Casing, Soft Colth manual care and other accessory provide. Lens of Ray ban usually using G-15, B-20, and Polarized (got more type of lens) and for Oakley mostly them using polarized lens. Beside that lens should be come with 400UV protection or 100% UV protetction. So as long as the lens can protect your eyes that function is good enough!!! [ Here about Polarized Lens and What is UV]

In term of style, it is more to individual mentality.Certain people like to wearing Oakley because of its modern design and polarized lens, but certain people like to wear Ray ban sunglasses because its shape suitable for their faces and classic design. So our advice, dont follow others be your own if your thinking Ray ban is suitable for you choose it and vice versa.

In term of purpose, mostly Oakley design for sport activity such as snowboarding, cycling, fishing, jogging etc. Ray ban more to driving (comes with driving series), for pilot (plane, helicopter operator, ship captain etc)" and corporate image. But both brand Ray ban and Oakley can be use in outdoor activities. That nothing problem for us, although each brand with specific function but for other activities and outdoor activities both brand can be wearing.[Here about Ray ban Aviator]

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